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Debating Kritiks

Debating Kritiks



Introducing Kritiks

Writing a chapter on debating kritiks  is a relatively difficult task because there are many different types of kritiks, the theory surrounding kritiks is far from settled, and there is a heated debate in the community as to the legitimacy of kritiks in general, particularly of many of newest forms.  Presenting a description introduction is therefore a difficult task.

Twenty or thirty years from now many of the issues related to kritiks may be settled – at least as much as the issues relating to counterplans are.   But, as of today, kritiks are only 20 years old.

The first time a kritik was run was in college debate in September of 2001. It took a few more years for the critique to start to gain traction in high school debate, making it only about 15 years old there.  And, in many parts of the country in high school, kritiks  have just started to catch-on. 

Since the idea of a kritik in debate is relatively new, many of the terminology and ideas related to disadvantages and counterplans hav

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