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Prep Time Management

Prep Time Management


Introducing Prep Time Management

At each debate tournament you will receive a specific amount of preparation time (“prep time”) for use in each debate. The amount of prep time that is allotted for each debate will vary by tournament, but generally you will receive, five, eight, or ten minutes of prep time.

You and your partner need to share the allotted preparation time. You may divide the time however you wish, but once it is gone, it is gone. Prep time is a valuable resource that you must conserve, and use it only when you need it. You’ll want to save it when you need it most.

Saving prep time for when you need it, and using when you do, involves sound prep time management. Effective prep time management is a critical skill that you must master if you wish to be a great debater. The rest of this chapter is devoted to providing suggestions for maximizing your prep time management. Suggestions are made on a speech by speech basis, but general suggestions are woven in throughout the speech by speech analysis.

1AC Prep Time

The most basic thing to know is that you should not use any prep time before the start of the 1AC. Your 1AC is a canned speech and should be ready to go.

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