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The Second Negative Constructive (2NC) and the First Negative Rebuttal (1NR)

The Second Negative Constructive (2NR) and First Negative Rebuttal (1NR) are given by different people and are different lengths (2NC, 8 minutes; 1NR, 5 minutes), but the speeches function in similar ways. Collectively, the two speeches are the “negative block,” and both speakers have similar responsibilities.

What the two speakers share in common is the job of defending the negative arguments that were first advanced in the 1NC.

So, imagine that the Negative presented a “substantial” topicality argument and a spending/deficits disadvantage in the 1NC. They may also have made some other arguments on the case. In the Negative block, the 2NC and 1NR will divide up coverage of these arguments so that the 2NC will defend one off-case position and the 1NR will defend the other off-case position. One or both of the debaters may chose to extend different case arguments, though those difference should be major – one covering arguments on an advantage and the other covering arguments on solvency, for example.

Although both speakers have the same job, the 2NC is a more difficult speech.


The 2NC is more difficult for two reasons – (a) It is 3 minutes longer than the 1NR (which makes a big difference when you are a beginner) and (b) it has to be delivered right after the 2AC. This is especially difficult because the 2NC needs to do his or her best to go point by point through each of the 2AC answers to the off case positions and defend their argum

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