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The Second Negative Rebuttal (2NR)

The Second Negative Rebuttal (2NR) is delivered by the same person who delivered the 2NC. This speaker has a tough job in the debate, as I think the 2NR is one of the toughest two speeches in the debate (the other one being the 2NC).

The 2NR is the negative team’s last time to speak and they need to leave a positive impression on the judge while arguing that the affirmative plan is a net undesirable action.

Once debaters have some experience they will have “kicked” some off-case positions by the 2NR and will start the 2NR by kicking more and continuing to narrow their arguments, but when you first start debate I encourage you to keep all of the arguments going in the 2NR. Kicking arguments can be complicated, and most beginning debaters struggle to use all five minutes of their speech time, so I don’t think it is wise invest intellectual energy in kicking arguments at your first tournament(s).

Before the speech starts, debaters should use any remaining prep time to prepare the speech, with some considerations in mind as to what constitutes a strong speech.

Topicality. Again, topicality is an all or nothing argument for the affirmative. If the affirmative dropped it in the 2AC or the 1AR, negative debaters need to point this out, as it will enable them to automatically win the debate. And, even if topicality has not been dropped, novice debaters should extend it in the 2NR because they 2AR may drop it (this would not happen in a varsity debate, bu

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