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Arms Sales to India (Bibliography)

Arms Sales to India (Bibliography)


Daily Updates  

US Sales

Trump is missing the forest through the trees (2019)

US paves the way for sale of arms to India with security pact (2018)

US officials seek to boost arms sales to India (2018)

Pakistan takes jibe at growing US, Russian arms sales to India (2018)

US elevates India’s defense trade status (2018)

Institutionalizing US-India Defense Ties (2018)

New US-India arms agreement (2018)

US-India sign military sales agreement (2018)

US narrows gap with top supplier Russia (2018)

US-India sign military accord (2018)

The great American arms bazaar (2018)

US seeks to strengthen India’s arms ties (2018)

Arms sales to India grow from $0 to $15 billion in a decade (2018)

US arms sales to India (2014)

US-India relations

India election and US ties — Time to Break the Deadlock (2019)

Promoting US-India Defence Cooperation (2017)

What’s next for US-India military ties? (2018)

Reconciling priorities in the US-India relationship (2018)

US-India strategic dialogue (no date)

The US-India relationship needs work (2018)

US-India Relations: Strengthen Them (2018)

US-India Relations: A Strategic Partnership (2018)

US-India Defense Cooperation (2018)

Toward an Indo-American alliance (2018)

In US-India’s Defense: Pivoting the Strategy Going Forward (2018)


India’s expanding military ties with the US and Russia put the squeeze on China (2018)

US and India, wary of China, strengthen military ties (2018)

India falling behind China in arms race (2018)

Loosening of US arms sales spurs India to challenge China (2018)


Russian arms exports to India fell by 42% (2019)

Russia arms deal with India comes as US changes defense priorities (2019)

Russia is about to sell a US ally billions of dollars in weapons (2018)

How losing India’s business could ruin Russia’s defense industry (2016)


Russians protest Korean arms sales to India (2018)

UK sales add to volatility (2019)

UK selling tens of millions of pounds to India and Pakistan (2018)

Arms Treaty

Why India’s position on the arms treaty endures (2018)

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