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Saudi Arms Sales Bibliography and Files

Saudi Arms Sales Bibliography and Files

Background — US Policy
Trump declares emergency to expedite sale of weapons to Saudi Arabia, UAE, Jordan. (2019). Trump administration has declared an emergency to bypass Congress and expedite billions of dollars in arms sales to various countries — including Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates — citing the need to deter what it called “the malign influence” of Iran throughout the Middle East. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo formally told lawmakers Friday of the administration’s plans. “These sales will support our allies, enhance Middle East stability, and help these nations to deter and defend themselves from the Islamic Republic of Iran,” Pompeo said in a statement that put the value of the sales at $8.1 billion. In a Friday letter to congressional lawmakers, Pompeo said that he “determined that an emergency exists, which requires the immediate sale of the defense articles and defense services” to Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Jordan
Senator claims Trump may use Iran threat to sell bombs to Saudis without Congressional approval (2019).  This article claims that Congress is blocking future offensive weapons sales to Saudi Arabia but that Trump may circumvent that ban by arguing that the Iran threat constitutes a national emergency.
After Khassogi’s murder, Wall Street and Saudi Arabia are back in business. (2019). This article argues that arms sales to Saudi Arabia continue because of their large economic value to the US.
Trump vetoes law won’t stop US role in the Yemen War (2019). The title is self-explanatory.

Saudi Arms Sales Languishes (2019). This article argues that Congress is effectively blocking the sale of new precision guided munitions to Saudi Arabia.

Trump’s Yemen Blunder (2019). This article explains the power of the Saudi lobby and the role of Western European arms in Yemen.
Background — General
Stockholm Agreement and Yemen’s other wars (2019).  This article contends that the conflict in Yemen is hard to end because there are many different groups fighting but that reducing Saudi intervention will make it possible to stabilize the country.

Instability in Saudi Arabia (2018).  This article describes growing arms imports by Saudi Arabia.

Saudi-US Relations Backgrounder (2018).  This backgrounder describes developments in US-Saudi relations, including arms sales
A call to end US-Saudi Arms sales (2017). This article is a good quick overview of the the pros and cons of the sales. It also has critical background information on the conflict in Yemen and some of the humanitarian consequences of the war in Yemen
Saudi Arabia: Background and US Relations (September, 2018). This is a long Congressional Research Service report that reviews the major issues in US-Saudi relations.  It will take you awhile to read it, but if you do read it you will have a good understanding of the Saudi-US relationship.
Trump touts Saudi Arms Sales (March 2018).  This article covers the visit by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MSB) to the US and Trump’s efforts to boost relationships with Saudi Arabia. It also discusses the current arms deal. It is a very brief article.
US has ratched up arms sales to Saudi Arabia (October 2018). This is a very short article that says the US doesn’t want to cancel arms sales to Saudi Arabia after the murder of  Jamal Khashoggi, a murder almost certainly committed by the Saudi government. The article is very short, but there are some useful infographics that show the expanding arms sales.
Countries still selling arms to the Kingdom (May 2018). This article reviews the major arms suppliers to Saudi Arabia and argues that the US is the dominant supplier. It does suggest that China and Russia could possibly fill in if the US were to reduce its sales, though it also points out that they are very small suppliers now.
Saudi Arabia is America’s Number One Weapons Buyer (October 2018).   This is just a general article that says the US has sold a lot of weapons to Saudi Arabia and that the US dominates the global arms trade.
Background — Lobbies
How to Lobby Washington to Death (2019). This article explains the role of lobbyists in protecting arms sales to Saudi Arabia (and the UAE)
Affirmative — “Emergency” Sale Bad
Trump’s “emergency” must not stand (2019). One option would be to push legislation to block the transfer, sale, or authorization for license of bombs and other offensive weapons to the Saudi regime. Crucially, such a measure would stop bomb sales already in the pipeline. The time to act is now.

Affirmative — Arms Sales Worsen the Yemen War

U.S. Support Has Fueled, Not Moderated, the Yemen War (2019). President Trump said great powers do not wage endless wars. Yemen would be a good place to stop fighting—and helping kill people who have done nothing against Americans.

The case for suspending arms sales to Saudi Arabia (2019).

It’s time to stop arms sales to Saudi Arabia (2019).  This article answers all of the common objections to suspending arms sales to Saudi Arabia.

Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia: Worth the Cost?  (January 2018). This brief two page report argues that US arms sales are implicated in tremendous humanitarian harms in Yemen.
Congress Must End US Aid to the Saudi War (2018).  This article argues that US arms sales to Saudi Arabia worsen the war.
Helping Saudi Arabia bomb Yemen is not a plan for peace (2019). This article focuses on the harms of the US-backed air war.
The War in Yemen is a Tragedy and American can end its complicity (2018).  This article contends that the US is responsible for the war in Yemen through its arms sales and that it can end the arms sales to end complicity in the war.
Saudi Arms Sales  (October 2018). This article argues that arms sales do not benefit the US economically and that the Saudis can’t get the weapons from China, Russia, or Europe.
The Growing arms trade in the Gulf: Existential Need or Fear Politics  (January 2018). This report argues that sales create regional instability and are not needed to deter Iran.

Yemen shows why the US needs to change its arms sales policy (2018)

The US is prolonging an unwinnable war in Yemen (2018)

It’s on us to stop the war in Yemen (2018)

Affirmative — Death

American-Made Bombs in Yemen: Are We Not Better than This? (2019). This article argues that the war in Yemen has killed 10s of thousands, puts millions at-risk increases terrorism, and drags down the US.

Yemen war could hit 233,000 by 2020 (2019). The title is self-explanatory

Affirmative — Terrorism

America should see Saudi Arabia’s war in Yemen for the horror it really is (2018).  This article contends that US military aid to Saudi Arabia ends up in the hands of Al Qaeda

Sold to an ally, lost to an enemy (2019). This article makes the same argument about US weapons ending up in the hands of terrorists.

The Saudi coalition can’t be trusted with US weapons (2019). This article makes the same argument the others do.

America must question ally action in Yemen (2018). This article makes the same arguments made in the previous articles.

Affirmative — Human Rights

Saudi Arabia has replaced ISIS. Why does USA and UK love that? (2019).  This article argues that Saudi Arabia is committing widespread human rights violations.

Khassogi’s Fiance Urges Action Against Yemen (2019)

Arms sales to Saudi Arabia (2017). This article outlines specifically why arms sales violate human rights.
Trump’s Veto on Yemen War Is a Sign That the Strongmen in the U.S. and Saudi Arabia Are Winning (2019). This article argues that continuing arms sales supports autocratic leaders like MSB
MSB: A Reformer or Human Rights Abuser? (2018). It argues he is a human rights abuser.
Affirmative — Democracy

Trump’s Veto on Yemen War Is a Sign That the Strongmen in the U.S. and Saudi Arabia Are Winning (2019).  This article says that supporting arms sales continues to support global authoritarians.

Affirmative — Global Order
Khasoggi killing killed the global order (2018). This article contends that a failure to respond to the Khassogi killing means the US no longer supports the rules-based global order and that it is likely to collapse.
Affirmative — Freedom of the Press
Khashoggi was a free speech warrior and the latest casualty in a global war on journalists (2018).  This article argues that the US should sanction Saudi Arabia (by cutting arms sales) in order to establish a commitment to the protection of journalism and free speech.

Affirmative  – Famine

All of these articles argue that Yemen is on the brink of an emerging famine due to the war.

85,000 children have starved due to the Saudi intervention (2018).  The title is self-explanatory.

Millions on the brink of famine (2019).  This article argues that millions are on the brink of famine due to the war in Yemen.

UN Warns a whole generation could be lost due famine (2019)

Diseases and famine will kill Yemenis as war continues (2019)

Yemen Humanitarian Needs (2019)

Affirmative — Cholera

Whose fault is the cholera epidemic in Yemen? (2019). This article argues that the cholera epidemic in Yemen is caused by the Saudis, the Saudi supporters ((US, allies (UK, France)), and the Houti rebels.

Affirmative –  Solvency

Actual legislation — Saudi Arabia Accountability and Yemen Act of 2018.

All of these articles argue the US should cut arms sales to Saudi Arabia.

US and Western arms in Yemen conflict signal potential war crime charges (2019) . This article makes extensive arguments as to why Saudi Arabia cannot switch suppliers.  Although the article is largely Pro, one Con take on the article is that it suggests sales should be suspended until (conditions counterplan) Saudi Arabia stops the war in Yemen.

How the War in Yemen Could End — In a Matter of Days (2018). This article argues that the war in Yemen would end in a matter of days if the US stopped supplying spare parts and maintenance for jets, which are arms sales, in a matter of days.

Fact Check (2018) There is a quote from Bruce Reidel (Brookings) in this article that says if the US cut arms that the war would end overnight.

US needs to stop selling arms to Saudi Arabia (2017)

US military support for Saudi Arabia and the War in Yemen (2018). This article argues that it is US weapons that are sustaining the war and that the US should stop selling them.
Trump’s $110 Billion in Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia: Still Fake (2018). This article has evidence that answers the argument that Saudi Arabia can get the arms elsewhere.
The Only Way to End the War in Yemen (2018). There is evidence in this article that says the US should reduce sales, but it also says the US should threaten to reduce sale sand condition reductions on actions by Saudi Arabia to end the war.
Affirmative – Solvency – Alternative Suppliers Answers

Leaked Report: Western Arms Are Essential to Saudi Arabia’s War in Yemen (2019). This article argues that alternative suppliers cannot replace US supplies.

Want to punish Saudi Arabia? Cut off its weapons supply (2018).  This article argues that there are no practical alternative suppliers of weapons to Saudi Arabia.

Who needs Saudi Arabia? (2017).  This article says Russia isn’t a practical alternative supplier of weapons to Saudi Arabia.
German Halt in Saudi Arms Sales Causing Serious Problems for Airbus (2019). This article says that since Germany isn’t selling weapons to Saudi Arabia that other countries in Europe also can’t sell them because they rely on the German parts.
Threats of sanctions could accelerate Saudi Shift Eastward (2018).  This article says that the Saudis can’t shift to China because of interoperability problems and long time frames.
Saudi Arabia lays the foundation for its own defense industry (November 2018). This article contends that Saudi Arabia would like to develop its own indigenous arms industry but that it cannot do so and that it also cannot switch suppliers from the US to China/Russia.
US-Saudi relationship less than meets the eye (2018). This makes the same argument about Saudi Arabia not having its own indigenous defense industry.
How much does Saudi Arabia spend on arms deals with the US? (October 2018). This article argues that US sales to Saudi Arabia are currently only worth $3-$4 billion per year and that China and Russia cannot simply fill in..
Affirmative — Escalation
Bal-Mandab shipping under threat (2017). This article argues the conflict could spill over to a wider war in the region.
Break all the Borders: Separatism and the Reshaping of the Middle East (2018). This article says the conflict in Yemen could spill over to the wide Sunni-Shiite conflict.

Affirmative — International Law

Affirmative — Jobs Answers

Trump inflated value of arms sales to US job market (2018). The title of the article is self-explanatory.

Arms deal will create a fraction of the jobs Trump says (November 2018). The title of the article is self-explanatory.
How many jobs is Trump promising with the Saudi arms deal? The article says the arms sales don’t produce that many jobs.
For all Trump’s talk, Saudis don’t buy that much US stuff (December 2018). This article argues that Saudi Arabia’s purchases are irrelevant to the US economy, that they are even smaller in total volume than US exports to Switzerland.  This is useful to answer the argument that sales are important to the US economy.
There’s less than meets the eye in Trump’s Saudi arms deal  (November 2017). This short article argues the sales do not benefit the US economy and that the sales make the US complicit in war crimes.
Jobs are no excuse for arming a murderous regime (2016). The article title is self-explanatory.
US military support for Saudi Arabia and the War in Yemen (2018).  This article argues the sales don’t produce that majy jobs.
Affirmative — Relations Answers
Trump Pushes back against Saudi Arabia (2019).  This short article argues that US relations with Saudi Arabia do not benefit it.

Three ways to rethink the US-Saudi alliance (2018). This article identifies some limitations of the alliance.

The Saudis are killing America’s Middle East Policy (2018).  This article argues that relations with Saudi Arabia actually undermine US interests in the Middle East.

Khassogi’s fate is proof the US-Saudi relationship is over (2018). The title is self-explanatory.

US-Saudi relationship much less than meets the eye (2018)

Is Saudi Arabia really a crucial strategic US ally? (2018)

US and Saudi Arabia have leverage on each other. Using it has costs (2018).  This article argues it is hard for the US and Saudi Arabia to work together.

Who needs Saudi Arabia? (2018)  This article argues the US no longer needs Saudi Arabia.

Saudi-US Relations DA

The US and Yemen: stopping Iran or appeasing Saudi Arabia? (2019). This article argues that arms sales to Saudi Arabia are critical to protecting relations and the importance of relations to securing the stable supply of oil.

Affirmative — Oil Cut Off/Price Increases Answers

Saudi Arabia should be given a choice (2018).  This article says Saudi Arabia won’t raise oil prices or cut-off oil supplies if stop selling them weapons because selling oil at an affordable price is in their best interests.

US Has deep ties to Saudi Arabia, but we can disentangle ourselves (2018). This article argues that we are not completely dependent on Saudi oil.

Affirmative — Saudi Prolif Answers

Saudi Urge for nuke is justified (2018). This says Saudi nuclearization promotes deterrence.

Affirmative — Houthis Bad Answers

Saudi Arabia is losing the war in Yemen (2019). This article argues Saudi Arabia is losing the war in Yemen to the Houthi rebels now.
Pompeo’s Yemen Lies (2019). This article answers common arguments as to why the US needs to back Yemen in the war.
What a review of US Security Assistance to Saudi Arabia would say (2016).  According to this article, it would say it fails.
Affirmative — Iran Answers
Affirmative– Politics Answers

The Yemen relationship and the historical US-Saudi relationship (2019). This article argues the Congress currently opposes sales to Saudi Arabia.

The Yemen Resolution and the Historical U.S.-Saudi Security Relationship (2019). This article argues that Congress opposes arms sales to Saudi Arabia.

Trump Says U.S. Stands With Saudi Arabia Despite Khashoggi Killing (2019). This article argues there is bipartisan opposition to arms sales.

Negative — Houthis Bad

The folly of abandoning Saudi Arabia in Yemen (2019). This article says that abandoning Saudi Arabia will make them more reckless and increase the Houthi threat.

World alarmed at Houthi cease fire violations (2019). This article argues that break-downs in any cease-fires are the fault of the Houthis.

Trump’s Yemen Principles (2019). This article argues the war is good because it limits the power of the Houthi rebels.

UAE, Saudis, Yemen as UN to pressure Houthis (2019). This article argues that even if the Saudis are disarmed that the Houthis will still be a threat.

The Other Side of Saudi Security (2018). This piece argues that Iran and the Houthis are a threat to the US and its allies.
Negative — Solvency Answers — General
A real plan to end the war in Yemen (2019). This article argues that ending the war now will mean that either the Houthis won or a long-term stalemate is produced.  The authors argue that the US needs to continue to back the Saudis to ensure their victory and end the war.

Enough is Enough. End the war in Yemen.  (2018). This article argues that a lot more needs to be done to end the war in Yemen or we will end up with Houthi domination.

Peace in Yemen requires far more than what’s on the table in fragile talks (2018). Similarly, this article argues that more than a Saudi-Houthi peace agreement is needed.
Negative — Solvency Answers — Alternate Suppliers
Gala dinner attracts guests (2018).  This article discusses UK sales.
UK is still selling Despite the German ban (2019). This article says the UK got an exemption from the German ban on using its parts in German fighters.
US-Saudi Cooperation: Conditioning Arms Sales to Build Trust (November 2018). This article contends that US weapons are being used offensively in Yemen but also argues that if we cut off sales that the Saudis would still have the weapons they need to execute the war for years.
Europeans cut Saudi arms sales (March 2018). This article discusses the potential inconsistency between the sales and the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) but also argues other countries won’t limit sales to comply (if needed) with the treaty.

Negative — Solvency Turns

Jeremy Hunt optimistic Yemen is on ‘path to peace’ if warring sides follow through on UN deal (2019). This article contends that arms sales push both sides to negotiate

Negative — General Yemen Harms Answers
Saudis to Cut Military Spending (December 2018). This article argues that the Saudis are reducing military spending and likely drawing down the war in Yemen.

Negative — Relations
Trump Accuses Saudis of Giving U.S. a Bad Deal. Is That True? (2019). This article argues US-Saudi relations are important to stabilizing the oil markets and US security in the region.

Why the US can’t quit Saudi Arabia

Negative — Politics

How Lobbying Firms Helped Destroy Yemen (2019)

Negative — Security Cooperation

Oil and the Future of US Strategy in the Gulf (2019). This article argues that the US must stay in the Gulf and build security relationships, at least in the short-term, to protect its oil interests.

U.S. Security Cooperation with Saudi Arabia (2018). This post discusses how US arms sales and cooperation with Saudi Arabia support counterterror cooperation.

Arms, Oil, Counterterrorism (2018). All this to say that raising the specter of a cut-off of economic, military, and security cooperation by Saudi Arabia is bogus. It would be the equivalent of the proverbial cutting off one’s nose to spite one’s face.  Saudi Arabia is much more dependent on the United States than the other way around. In weighting how much pressure to apply to affect Saudi behavior in the region, the Trump administration should not be overly concerned with losing significant equities, as has been repeatedly implied by Trump and by other administration officials.

Negative — Human rights answers

Pulling back now won’t absolve America in Yemen (2017)

Negative — Conditions Counterplan

The Only Way to End the War in Yemen (2018). There is evidence in this article that says the US should reduce sales, but it also says the US should threaten to reduce sale sand condition reductions on actions by Saudi Arabia to end the war.

Conditioning Arms sales to build leverage (2018)

Trump Should Give Saudi Arabia a Choice (2017)

The United States should use its leverage over Saudi Arabia (2018)

Negative — Actor Counterplans

UK arms exports are still playing a central role in Yemen’s humanitarian crisis (2019). This article explains that if the UK cut spare parts assistance and training that the war would end.

Negative — Iran DA

US points to growing Iran threat (2017)

Negative  — Defense Industrial Base
To Read

MSB is the next Saddam Hussein (2018)

Trump’s Blank Check diplomacy is remaking US Foreign Policy (2018)

Saudi oil threat in Khassogi dissapearance seen as bluff (2018)

The Saudi Alliance must go (2018)

Arms sales to Yemen are endangering lives  (2019)

Why German shouldn’t relent on arms sales to the Saudis (2019)

The legality of US arms sales to Yemen (2018)

Is America fueling an Arab-Israeli arms race? (2017)

Restrictions on arms sales to Saudi Arabia would have slight impact on US firms (2018)

Saudis Overwhelmingly dependent on Western Weapons (2019)

Trump nominee concedes seige of Yemen could be violating US law

Time to halt weapons sales to Saudi Arabia (2016)

There is an American imprint on every single civilian death in Yemen (2018)

US arms sales are drenched in Yemeni blood (2016)

Starvation and Child Soldiers in Yemen (2018). This article argues that a child dies every 10 minutes in Yemen due to the war.
Public Opinion
Saudi Arabia’s Role
UAE arming Yemen’s militias (2019). The article simply says the UAE is also supporting the Saudis.

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