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Arms Sales to India (Bibliography)

Arms Sales to India (Bibliography)

US-India Relations

India is announcing more retaliatory tariffs agains the US (6-12-2019)

US-India Ties: Long-Term Courtship, but no Marriage in Site (2019)

Pompeo woos India with 5G, arms sales (2019)

US Sales — Drones

India plans mega deal for US military drones (2019). This article discusses a potential/likely agreement for India to purchase drones from the US military.

US Sales

The Encroaching Impact of Arms Trade on South Asia’s Geopolitics (2019). This is best exemplified today by how lucrative arms contracts at the state level have increasingly come to take growing precedence over key foreign policy decisions, particularly by the world’s major powers. Thus, it is no secret that the world’s foremost arms importers enjoy considerably close ties with their suppliers. This is markedly apparent in the long history of close ties between the United States and Saudi Arabia which have increased manifold since the latter recently took over India as the World’s largest arms importer. The importance given to Saudi Arabia’s defense contracts in the US is such that the entire diplomatic fallout from the Jamal Khashoggi affair last year was presented as an unnecessary inconvenience by none other than President Trump himself.

The same bonhomie is also visible in the US’s growing defense and strategic ties with India. As the top importer of arms for the entire previous decade, India’s lucrative market for arms contracts is fuelled by its fast rising economy as well as its need to modernize its aging soviet-era platforms.

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US-India relations

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Arms Treaty

Why India’s position on the arms treaty endures (2018)