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Russia Fill-In | Russia Threat Disadvantage

Russia Fill-In | Russia Threat Disadvantage

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Russia’s defense industrial base is in decline now, rebound critical to Russian military power projection.   Arms sales are critical to the base, but those sales are also declining now

Stratfor Worldview, May 5, 2019, Russia Makes Some of the Deadliest Weapons on Earth (But There Is a Problem) DOA: 5-5, 19

Russia’s defense industry is face to face with a major foe, but it’s not a foreign military power. The Kremlin has been striving to modernize all branches of the Russian military, but the country’s defense industry is struggling thanks to decreasing volumes of orders, difficulties in attracting high-skilled talent and limits to its technological capabilities. According to recent figures, the performance of Russia’s aerospace sector is declining precipitously. In 2018, for instance, Russian aircraft and spacecraft makers produced 13.5 percent less

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