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Daily Update — Every Day!

Daily Update — Every Day!

July 27

Gonzaga Files

Camp Argument Tracker Updated

China Threat Update

July 26

China Threat Update

July 25

Iran articles update

Saudi Arabia Update

July 24

China Update

Russia update launched

July 23

Camp Files: George Mason Camp Files Update (LD file, more arms sales K link cards, capitalism K updates)

General Arms Sales Daily Update

July 21

Camp Files:  Michigan Camp Files Updated

July 20

Updated Iran arguments

July 18

New cards in Politics Daily Update, Taiwan Daily Update,

July 17

New cards in Saudi Arabia Daily Update

July 16

New cards in China Threat Update

July 15


July 13

Daily Update — 5 new cards added

July 9

Camp Files — Northwestern added

Taiwan — With the new arms sale, we’ve added a huge update.

Estonia — Estonia inks big new US Defense Deal  The Baltic nation is focusing on its ground forces, and acquiring new armor, Howitzers. air defense missiles, and rifles as it shoots past NATO’s 2 percent spending threshold.
Missile Defense — Qatar continues building its missile defenses 

Hegemony — US protects the global commons

July 8

Russia. Our updated 50+ page file with May/June evidence on the Russia threat.
Oil price spikes bad. Resolving the trade conflict with China (via relations improvements as per the Taiwan aff) results in oil price increases and Russian aggression) From UK Debate!
Indian Economy Disadvantage. Resolving the trade conflict with China (via relations improvements as per the Taiwan aff) undermines India’s economy and causes war From UK Debate!
Global Warming Counterplan vs. Emergency Powers cases. Some versions of the Saudi Arabia cases have the courts rule to limit Trump’s use of “emergency powers.” This counterplan argues that an expensive interpretation of “emergency”powers is needed to combat climate change.
Instability good. This disadvantage argues that instability in the Middle East is good because it leads to high oil prices that are important to Russia’s economy and Saudi Arabia’s economy.
Warming Impact.  A new warming impact file from UK Debate.

Free Daily Updates — All of the following have been updated!

Follow our Daily Research & Evidence Updates.

Taiwan     Saudi Arabia . General Arms SalePolitics Update 

Camp Files

Access to our updated camp files. Updated Daily

July 7

Iran research links updated through today Taiwan update

July 6

Russia threat/arms sales fill in disadvantage updates. Lots of new evidence from May & June 2019.  Saudi Arabia update

July 5

George Mason camp files updated.

Articles: Europe is getting an American anti-missile system that might not work.   America’s Century of Internationalism .   The World if America leaves NATO

Books: Europe and America; The End of the Transatlantic Relationship (April 2019)

July 4

Congress should stop arms sales to Saudi Arabia and the UAE

66 jets being sold to Taiwan 

July 3

UAE transferring US-sold weapons to Libyan rebels.

Our Michigan camp links have been updated.  Additional arguments include  Saud courts aff/neg, circumvention, Ukraine Aff/Neg, Terror Talk Security K, Reject Arms Control CP, Political Theology K, Topicality Reduce, Advantage Counterplans

The Michigan State camp arguments are included. These include Debate Ceiling politics, Taiwan, Security K, and Topicality.

July 2

Iran — Iran has breached the nuclear deal, making war more likely.  We have updated our bibliography. You can also find associated files here

July 1

New Report: Russian Strategic Intentions: A Strategic Multilayer Assessment (SMA) White Paper (May 2019).  This is great reading for the Russia fill-in/Threat Disadvantage.

Camp files: We have updated all of the available camp files and arguments. If you have camp files you’d like to add, please email us at [email protected] with the files or the link to the files.

June 30

We have updated our Taiwan Daily update.

June 29

Saudi Arabia Daily Update

June 24

Taiwan Arms Sales Daily Update
Saudi Arms Sales Daily Update

General Arms Sales Daily Update

June 18

Our Taiwan bibliography has been updated with new negative articles.  Those articles are at the top.

Our Saudi Arabia Daily update has been updated.

Our Iran Daily bibliography has been updated.

We have one update on our general arms sales update — US providing $250 million in lethal aid to the Ukraine.