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Michigan 2019

Michigan 2019


Michigan Arguments

Michigan has released their camp argument start set.


US-Mexico Free Trade Agreement (USMCA).   This disadvantage argues that the only way Congress could restrict an arms sale is to override a Presidential veto of a bill to restrict sales. There is evidence that a veto override will reduce Trump’s capital, making it difficult for USMCA to pass.

Defense Industrial Base – This is the standard, “Arms Sales Key to the Defense Industrial Base” argument. The impact in the file is that the defense industrial base is critical to innovation.

China DA. The file has two versions of this disadvantage

(a) General US hegemony – Loss of the arms sales market to China undermines US hegemony and leadership

(b) Yuan – The second version of this disadvantage says that Saudi Arabia will switch to the Yuan if it is forced to switch suppliers.

Russia DA. This is the standard Russia disadvantage – Reduced US arms sales mean Russia starts selling arms, strengthing its military industrial base and military threat.

Allied relations. This disadvantage claims that arms sales strengthen relations with allies and deter conflicts.

Affirmative Cases

Taiwan Arms Sales Aff. -_ This is just the standard Taiwan arms sales aff with Taiwan war and diplomacy advantages.

Israel. The affirmative plan says the US will reduce arms sales to Israel, with the reduction determined, in part, by how much Israel complies with the peace process. The case claims peace process and general Middle East war advantages. The case is obviously questionably topical, as

Saudi Arabia. This is a typical Saudi Arabia case that claims that US sales are immoral and risk a wider Middle East war. There is a good underview about risk assessment.

Human Rights Code of Conduct. This case claims the US should establish a Human Rights Code of Conduct to review potential sales for the protection of human rights. This case is obviously questionably topical, as it might not result in a reduction in sales


Arms Control Kritik. This kiritk says that arms control is merely an attempt to manage weaponization and protect the military industrial complex.

Ungovernability. Oscillations in arms sales policy are exercises in colonial pacification of the periphery that underpin the structural operations of imperial violence and racial categorization. Cooper, 18—Professor of International Relations and Security Studies and Head of Peace Studies & International Development at the University of Bradford (Neil, “Race, Sovereignty, and Free Trade: Arms Trade Regulation and Humanitarian Arms Control in the Age of Empire,” Journal of Global Security Studies, Volume 3, Issue 4, October 2018, Pages 444–462, dml)


Exeuctive order. This counterplan says the plan should be done through executive order rather than Congressional action. There are politics and presidential leadership net benefits


Substantial — Must alter defense relationship with another country, 2.7%, 25%, 28.billion, various cards on baselines
Reduce — Not prevent, not suspend, not modify
from US–Can’t reduce to a US military base