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Free Criminal Justice Cards (253+)

Free Criminal Justice Cards (253+)

People of color negative impacted at every stage of the justice system

Mark Shoup, January 3, 2021, Daily Press,

People of color are incarcerated at a higher rate than white people, bail is set higher for them and sentences are disproportionately longer.  Prosecutors in the United States are more likely to kick a person of color off a jury. Not only does racism deny the accused a fair trial, but it denies people of color the opportunity to serve on juries, further marginalizing them.

Mass incarceration of Black and Latino males now

Nafina Raha, January 3, 2021, Opinion: A brief discussion on mass incarceration — The U.S. prison system needs reform,

The United States makes up about 5% of the global population, but despite this small sliver of the human race living in our coun

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