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Policy Camp 2020 Caselist

Policy Camp 2020 Caselist

Camp Files (Free with Registration)

Affirmative Cases

Abolish the Criminal Justice System (Georgetown, Gonzaga, UTNIF)
Abolish ICE  (Gonzaga, SDI, Umich)
Cyber Deterrence (Umich)
Cyber Digital evidence standard (U mich)
Cyber Standards (Georgetown)
Decarceration (SDI)
Strict Scrutiny to collateral consequcnes (Umich)
Reduce Sorbanes Oxley coroprate penalties (Umich)
Death Penalty abolition (Umich, SDI, Georgetown)
Marijuana legalization (UMich, SDI)
Drug Legalization (Umich, Broader)
Mandatory Minimums (Gonzaga)
Qualified immunity elimination (Gonzaga)
Use of Force Standards (Georgetown)
Allow FISA warrants challenge (Georgetown)
Forensic science standards (Georgtown)
Guantanomo (eliminate indefinite detention of enem combatants)
Environment crimes (increased enforcement, U Mich, DebateUS!)
Biometric limits (U Mich)
Drug treatment (Georgetown)

Defund Police (U Mich, DebateUS!)
Settler Colonialism K Aff (U Mich)
Queer Nothingness K Aff (UTNIF)



Cyber Attacks
Cyber Terrorism



Economy (Marijjana, Sorbanes Oxley cases, COVID-19 spread)
Foreign Investment good (Sorbanes Oxley)

Drug laws cause violence — Cartels)

Mass incarceration bad



Federalism (cooperative federalism best)

State budgets (Marijuana legalization)


Court Clog (Georgetown)

Court Capital (ACA) (SDI)

Deterrence/Crime (Georgetown, SDI)

Fear of Crime


Pol Cap — Stimulus (Michigan)

Federalism (Georgetown, Federalism))

Hollow Hope (SDI)

Net Widening (Georgetown)

Politics Agenda Links (Georgetown)

Trump Good

— Pharma Good (DebateUS)
— Social Security Bad (DebateUS)

Trump Bad

— Social Security Good (DebateUS)

— Climate gange (SDI)

— Arms control (Georgetown)

— Iran deal (Georgetown, SDI)


— Geopolitical retrenchment (SDI, UTNIF)

Biden Landslide Good

— Election Credibility (DebateUS)

Senate Elections

Senate Dems key to climate change
Senate Dems key to stop conservative judges



Commissions Consent (UMich)

Consult Police (U Mich)

Courts (Umich)

Executive Order (UMich, Georgetown)

Pardons (UMich)

State Court (U Mich, Georgetown)

States Counterplan (Georgetown, UMich, UNITIF)i

Non Enf0rcement (U Mich)



Afropessimism (UMich)/Warren Nihilism (UTNIF)
Abolition/Reforms Bad (UTNIF, UMich, DebateUS!))
Biopolitics (Gonzaga, Umich)
Cap K/Neolib (Georgetown, Gonzaga, UMich, UTNIF)
Settler Colonialism (UMich)
Necropolitics (UMich)
Critical Race Theory (UMich)


“Reform” has to be soft (SDI, Georgetown
“Enact’ is legislation  (SDI, Georgetown
Substantial is 20%  (SDI, Georgetown
“In” is within (SDI, Georgetown)