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September 11 Politics Update — 74 Pages


Policy Camp 2020 Caselist

Camp Files (Free with Registration) Affirmative Cases Abolish the Criminal Justice System (Georgetown, Gonzaga, UTNIF) Abolish ICE  (Gonzaga, SDI, Umich) Cyber Deterrence (Umich) Cyber Digital evidence standard (U mich) Cyber Standards (Georgetown) Decarceration (SDI) Strict Scrutiny to collateral consequcnes (Umich) Reduce Sorbanes Oxley coroprate penalties (Umich) Death Penalty abolition (Umich, SDI, Georgetown) Marijuana legalization (UMich, SDI) Drug Legalization (Umich, Broader) Mandatory Minimums (Gonzaga) Qualified immunity elimination (Gonzaga) Use of Force

College Policy Alliances Topic

August 16 Present at the Disruption How Trump Unmade U.S. Foreign Policy The Democratic Renewal What It Will Take to Fix U.S. Foreign Policy August 15 What America can learn from the fall of the roman Republic What if the power grid went dark? August 12 Conflict with small powers derails US foreign policy June Rethinking restraint: Why it fails in practice  Emerging technologies and the future of CRBN terrorism


2020-21 Politics Update (77+ cards)

Cards here are free with registration Subscribe for $20 to download our files 98-Biden ahead, but Trump can still winGeoffrey Skelly, 9-23, 20,, Trump Supporters Aren’t ‘Shy,’ But Polls Could Still Be Missing Some Of Them This obsession with finding hidden pockets of support for Trump is part of a larger phenomenon we’ve observed for a while now: Trump is down in the polls, and has been for months,

General Policy Daily Update

We are in a depression now Robert Samuelson, Augusts 9, 2020,, Let’s call it what it is. We’re in a Pandemic Depression. It must be clear to almost everyone by now that the sudden and sharp economic downturn that began in late March is something more than a severe recession. That label was, perhaps, justifiable for the 2007-2009 Great Recession, when unemployment reached a peak of 10 percent. It isn’t


Criminal Justice Daily Articles

September 7 The black lives that don’t make the headlines still matter It’s time for a de-escalation of political violence September 6 What We Got Wrong in the War on Drugs September 5 Defund and Replace the Police: A Model Act for a Behavioral Health Crisis Response September 4 Marxism and the emerging alliance  September 3 Convergence theory and the permanence of racism  September 1 Cornel West: Is America ‘even

Mandatory Minimums Bibliography

Websites — Affirmative Families Against Mandatory Minimums General Articles Mandatory Minimum Penalties (2019) Federal Mandatory Minimums: Safety Valve and Substantial Assistance Exceptions (2019) Sentencing and Mandatory Minimums (2018) Federal sentencing guidelines and mandatory minimums (2018) The State of Mandatory Minimums: Federal Report (2017) An Overview of Mandatory Minimum Penalties in the Federal Criminal Justice System (2017) Mandatory Minimum sentences for sex offenses  (2019) Federal Mandatory Minimums for Sex Offensess (2019)