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Tax Cuts 2AC — Organized Blocks


Politics — What Are People Running? 9-20-17

The most popular politics disadvantage last week was certainly tax reform. This is the straight-up political capital story – Trump needs capital to get tax reform passed, the liberal plan alienates moderate Democrats and conservatives that are needed for tax reform, tax reform good. Popular impacts include: Tax reform important to economy growth; tax reform critical to the aerospace industry (defense and space exploration impacts); tax reform critical to pharmaceutical


Americans Have Given Up on Public Schools. That’s A Mistake

Read the full article at The Atlantic  — October 2017 This role isn’t limited to civics instruction; public schools also provide students with crucial exposure to people of different backgrounds and perspectives. Americans have a closer relationship with the public-school system than with any other shared institution. (Those on the right who disparagingly refer to public schools as “government schools” have obviously never been to a school-board meeting, one of the


Politics Turn — Trump Legislative Win Critical to Avoid North Korean Strike

Access more politics evidence  Without a legislative win, Trump will initiate a war against Korea Christopher Preble, 8-9-17, Preeble, is vice president for defense and foreign-policy studies at the Cato Institute and the author of The Power Problem: How American Military Dominance Makes Us Less Safe, Less Prosperous, and Less Free [11]. National interest, This is How America Would Wage a Nuclear War Against North Korea, President Donald Trump has struggled


Education Topic — What Arguments Were Produced At Policy Camps?

One way to find out which arguments were produced at camp is to go read every camp file. Another way is to read our essays the chronicle all of the arguments. This way you can increase your understanding of the arguments and start thinking strategically about them. These posts are available to all registered users (registration is free) Topic Introduction Advantages Cases Disadvantages Counterplans Kritiks Kritik Affirmatives 


Education Topic — Introduction to Camp Coverage

Introduction Based on the arguments that have been produced at camp, the education topic is quite large – there are many different affirmative cases, and many of those cases have different advantages. The only place the topic is narrow is on the negative – there are few arguments, and those are certainly of varying quality. Generally speaking the disadvantages are quite weak, but the states counterplan and the kritiks are