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Prison Abolition Affirmative and Negative (Amar Adam)

Amar Adam Amar Adam is Assistant Debate Coach at the University of Kentucky, one of the premier college debate programs in the United States and home of the Tournament of Champions. He currently coaches the top-ranked team in the United States. Over the past 5 years, Amar has had an impressive record of accomplishments in college debate as both a student and a coach. As a student, he captained the University of


Plea bargaining affirmative and negative PLUS bibliography

Affirmative — General Coercive plea bargaining has poisoned the criminal justice system (2020) Innocence is irrelevant in the age of the plea bargain (2017) The Deal You Can’t Refuse — The Troubling Spread of Plea Bargaining (2018) Coerced Consent: Plea Bargaining, the Trial Penalty, and American Racism (2019). Mental Competency Law And Plea Bargaining: A Neurophenomenological Critique (2016).  Discussion of neoliberalism in a paper on plea-bargaining may seem superfluous, perhaps


Criminal Justice Reform Capitalism — Specific Links (James Allan) and Backfiles

James Allan is an experienced and hard-working member of the policy debate community, taking part as a competitor, coach, and judge for the past nine years. He attended Lakeland High School in New York where he focused mostly on ‘traditional’ policy debate argumentation, ultimately earning one bid to the Tournament of Champions and finishing sixth overall at the NSDA Championships. In college, James pivoted towards the critical side of the argumentative


Russia Daily

Reduced US-Russia ties create Russia-China axis Ko Sakai, 8-17, 19, Russia is in danger of being overrun by China’s Belt and Road, TOKYO — Russia greenlighted in early July a 2,000-km highway construction project connecting the country’s border with Kazakhstan to Belarus. The four-lane highway will run west from Orenburg Province to the former Soviet republic of Belarus via several other Russian provinces. The location of the highway underscores

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These free cards from books are available to any registered user.  Registered users also can sign on to our app. China using growing economic power to advance an aggressive international agenda Swift, 2019, DMIRAL SCOTT H. SWIFT, UNITED STATES NAVY (RET.) Commander, US Pacific Fleet (2015–2018) Robert E. Wilhelm Fellow, MIT Center for International Studies Ward, Jonathan D. T.. China’s Vision of Victory . The Atlas Publishing and Media Company.


China Threat

See Also: New China files @ China is a global totalitarian threat. The US (and its allies) must challenge it, not endorse it Ben Shapiro, August 28, 2019,   Trump Is Right on the China Threat, Now, Trump’s trade policy may not be well-considered. His understanding of trade is rudimentary at best — he still operates under the assumption that mutually beneficial trade is actually a zero-sum game. And Trump’s