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Cal 2019


Michigan 2019

  Michigan Arguments Michigan has released their camp argument start set. Disadvantages US-Mexico Free Trade Agreement (USMCA).   This disadvantage argues that the only way Congress could restrict an arms sale is to override a Presidential veto of a bill to restrict sales. There is evidence that a veto override will reduce Trump’s capital, making it difficult for USMCA to pass. Defense Industrial Base – This is the standard, “Arms Sales


Georgetown 2019

The Georgetown camp has released their arguments. These include — Taiwan Aff F-16V sales (a potential sale next year) are bad because The sale of those advanced jets will blur the defensive/offensive grey line, which breaks strategic ambiguity, makes other threats credible, and causes allied balancing against China – together that humiliates Xi and causes CCP lash-out – no capabilities DA, jets aren’t actually militarily significant to. Xi could lash