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Instability Good (High Oil Prices)


Iran DA: Iran Threat, US Deterrence, Sanctions

This policy disadvantage is a bit of a work in progress, but the file contains a basic shell for an argument that arms sales to the Gulf region are needed to deter Iran.  The extensive bibliography help get you started finishing the file. What’s going on? Iran has breached its enrichment limits under the nuclear deal. Trump and Iran are both threatening war.  What’s going on?  Read this 300 word


Defense Industrial Base DA

DebateUS! Files Camp Files US Economy/Defense industrial base good Trump’s Policies Lift Lockheed Martin’s Profit, Shares Surge Lockheed Martin Corp. reported better-than-expected quarterly profit (2019). The title is self-explanatory. The US brought in $132 billion in weapons sales last year (2018) International munitions sales are the main revenue generating segment (2019). This title is self-explanatory. Conventional arms transfers and US economic security (2018) These US companies dominated the arms trade


Allied Prolif and Security Cooperation Good DA

Alied Proliferation/Security — General Pentagon’s Focus on Russia and China expected to alter arms sales. (2019) As the U.S. military shifts its focus to Russia and China, American arms exports are expected to make a similar shift to allies in Europe and Asia, experts say. Arms export data already shows a shift away from the Middle East, where Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and UAE have been scooping up American


China Fill-in | Threat Disadvantage

China Fill-in Pentagon fears growth in China’s arms market (2019). This article simply says that China is selling more and more weapons to the Middle East. China fill-in bad Made in China: Beijing Shows off 100s of New Weapons (2019) China arms exports increasing (2019). Beijing continues to build its stature as a global arms exporter, according to the Pentagon’s annual report to Congress on the military and security developments


Russia Fill-In | Russia Threat Disadvantage

This is the disadvantage shell. The rest of the file is available for download by our subscribers Russia’s defense industrial base is in decline now, rebound critical to Russian military power projection.   Arms sales are critical to the base, but those sales are also declining now Stratfor Worldview, May 5, 2019, Russia Makes Some of the Deadliest Weapons on Earth (But There Is a Problem) DOA: 5-5, 19 Russia’s