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September 6 Politics — USMCA Focus


5 Proposed Policy Topics 2020-21

The final five topics going on the ballot for the 2020-2021 debate season are: Climate Change Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially increase market-based regulations requiring reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. Criminal Justice Reform Resolved: The United States federal government should enact substantial criminal justice reform in the United States in one or more of the following: forensic science, policing, sentencing. Commercial Agriculture Resolved: The United States federal


Russia Daily

Reduced US-Russia ties create Russia-China axis Ko Sakai, 8-17, 19, Russia is in danger of being overrun by China’s Belt and Road, TOKYO — Russia greenlighted in early July a 2,000-km highway construction project connecting the country’s border with Kazakhstan to Belarus. The four-lane highway will run west from Orenburg Province to the former Soviet republic of Belarus via several other Russian provinces. The location of the highway underscores

2019-20 College Policy Debate Topic

The following is the 2019-20 college policy debate resolution: Resolved: The United States Federal Government should establish a national space policy substantially increasing its international space cooperation with the People’s Republic of China and/or the Russian Federation in one or more of the following areas: • arms control of space weapons; • exchange and management of space situational awareness information; • joint human spaceflight for deep space exploration; • planetary


Politics Daily

Pelosi will bring USMCA to a vote Joy Philippi, 9-12, 19, Feedstuffs,, Optimism exists for USMCA passage in next month Optimism exists for USMCA passage in next month Leaders indicate Pelosi could bring North American trade pact up for a vote and receive bipartisan support. Jacqui Fatka | Sep 12, 2019 While speaking at a rally that concluded a 20,000-mile, two-month campaign for passage of the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA)


China Threat

See Also: New China files @ China is a global totalitarian threat. The US (and its allies) must challenge it, not endorse it Ben Shapiro, August 28, 2019,   Trump Is Right on the China Threat, Now, Trump’s trade policy may not be well-considered. His understanding of trade is rudimentary at best — he still operates under the assumption that mutually beneficial trade is actually a zero-sum game. And Trump’s


Taiwan Daily

Due to the popularity of Taiwan cases, we have started a Taiwan Daily Update. Related: US-China conflict bibliography |  China Threat Daily Update  China Threat Disadvantage  A Couple Key Links — US Policy Great Place to Follow all Taiwan arms sales updates – Defense Industry Daily Taiwan Arms Sales    Real Clear Defense Taiwan New F-16s are useless Axe, David Axe, 9-11, 19, Axe serves as Defense Editor of the

NSDA Politics Update

Mexico will ratify Inside US Trade, June 14, 2019, Trump urges Congress to pass USMCA as Mexico, Canada take steps toward ratification Lopez Obrador on Monday said he could “assure” that USMCA would be ratified “in a week, or next week.” The Mexican House of Commons does not have to approve the deal for it to be ratified in Mexico. Pelosi will support The Frontrunner, 6-14, 19, Trump: House Democrats


Arms Sales Daily (General)

Saudi Arabia Daily Update    Taiwan Daily Update   China Daily Update  US-China trade deal coming Laura He, 9-12, 19,, The United States is delaying some tariffs on China. Markets are moving higher Global stocks are mostly on the rise after the United States and China took small steps toward cooling trade tensions between each other. China announced Wednesday that it would waive tariffs on some US goods. US President


Saudi Arabia Daily

DebateUS Saudi Arabia Files Full Saudi Resources Should cut aid to Said Arabia John Hutson, 9-10, 19, Hutson is a former United States Navy officer and judge advocate general who was dean of the University of New Hampshire Law School, 9-10, 19,, Strong national security must address critical human rights Our military is also involved in the quagmire in Yemen, where war is exacerbating the worst humanitarian crisis in