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Weaponitis Kritik

Intermediate Text — Debating Kritiks in the 1AR

There are three important things that you need to be cautious of when preparing to debate a kritik in the 2AR. First, you need to be on the lookout for outrageous claims that will be made by the negative in the block that state that the critique disproves all affirmative claims made in the 1AC because it proves that all affirmative arguments are just artificial justifications for capitalism (or whatever

Intermediate Text — Kritiks as Affirmative Arguments and Framework

Kritiks as Affirmative Arguments Although they are usually discussed as such, critiques are not only negative arguments. Most obviously, affirmative teams can easily engage in second and third generation critiques and argue that the negative should lose for talking fast, using gendered language, or reading traditional (or non-traditional) evidence. Affirmative teams may often kritik the assumptions of negative arguments. They can critique politics disadvantages by arguing that good ideas shouldn’t


Debating Kritiks

  Introducing Kritiks Writing a chapter on debating kritiks  is a relatively difficult task because there are many different types of kritiks, the theory surrounding kritiks is far from settled, and there is a heated debate in the community as to the legitimacy of kritiks in general, particularly of many of newest forms.  Presenting a description introduction is therefore a difficult task. Twenty or thirty years from now many of