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T – 2019


T – 2019

Substantially Substantially can’t be incremental (Emory) Quantities/percentages (DebateUS!) In the Main (DebateUS!) Without Material Qualification! (DebateUS!) Reduce essay Cannot reduced against a future hypothetical (DebateUS!) Must break a contract (DebateUS!) Can’t break a contract because sale is already complete (DebateUS!) Adding a condition not a reduction (DebateUS!) Changing the sale process isn’t a reduction (DebateUS!) “Arms Sales” Military aid not an arms sale (DebateUS!) DebateUS! File Camp Files    

Intermediate Text — Other forms of Topicality

Other Forms of Topicality Arguments Effects topicality. Effects topicality argues that the affirmative cannot be topical as a result of a series of steps. For example, it would not be topical to claim to increase service in Americorps by cutting taxes in a way that would improve the economy and give people more opportunities to volunteer. The volunteering is only an effect of the plan. The affirmative plan should be