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Gonzaga 2019

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These free cards from books are available to any registered user.  Registered users also can sign on to our app. China using growing economic power to advance an aggressive international agenda Swift, 2019, DMIRAL SCOTT H. SWIFT, UNITED STATES NAVY (RET.) Commander, US Pacific Fleet (2015–2018) Robert E. Wilhelm Fellow, MIT Center for International Studies Ward, Jonathan D. T.. China’s Vision of Victory . The Atlas Publishing and Media Company.


Michigan 2019

  Michigan Arguments Michigan has released their camp argument start set. Disadvantages US-Mexico Free Trade Agreement (USMCA).   This disadvantage argues that the only way Congress could restrict an arms sale is to override a Presidential veto of a bill to restrict sales. There is evidence that a veto override will reduce Trump’s capital, making it difficult for USMCA to pass. Defense Industrial Base – This is the standard, “Arms Sales